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More than ever, people nowadays want more vitality in life. And this is achievable, no question about it. Diet and exercise are the key. It is not about which “pill” or dietary supplement we should swallow in order to finally feel better. Rather, the key to success is often the omission of foods that unnecessarily deprive our body of energy. At the very bottom of this page you can find out more about vitality.

3 tips for living your best life:

  1. Eat as naturally as possible. The less a food is cooked and processed, the more life energy is retained. You can feel it!

  1. Eat living foods because they are a real boost for your life energy! This includes above all sprouts and seedlings, as they are still growing even while we eat them. They are full of bundled nutrients and are in the most powerful starting phase of life.

  1. Eat whole foods. Preferably exactly as they grew in nature. That means organic fruit with skin, whole grain instead of white bleached flour products and whole sprouts instead of powder. This ensures that you consume all nutrients in an optimal ratio, integrated into the fiber of the respective plant, so that your body can optimally process them.

Fight against the predators of vitality

There are the usual suspects: refined sugar, white flour products (gluten), too much acidic meat and coffee. Although a large part of society already knows this, the balance between these predators on the one hand and fruit, vegetables and sprouts on the other is often still not balanced in many people's diets. Ideally, the side with the fresh, under-processed foods should clearly predominate. The sprouts make things easy for us here. You can simply add them to any dish or snack on them in between meals when you feel hungry. By the way, my favorite snack sprouts are sunflower sprouts. Being so large and tasty, they are the perfect finger food!

Micronutrients are the key

The cells can only work optimally for us if we supply our body with the “fuel” that is perfect for it. It is now known that in addition to macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins), micronutrients (trace elements, vitamins, minerals) are much more important for health and vitality. And that's exactly where sprouts are our helpers! The micronutrients make up only a small percentage of the food, but even this is often insufficiently covered. Around 70% of all people in western industrialized nations do not get the recommended daily micronutrient requirement. Since seedlings and sprouts contain nutrients that have been potentiated in this way, it is sufficient to add even smaller amounts to each meal. This still promotes your health very strongly: it has a big effect with such little effort!

Deficiency symptoms

A deficiency in micronutrients is usually only gradually noticeable. These include symptoms such as tiredness, skin blemishes and acne, listlessness, poor concentration and susceptibility to infections.

Micronutrients include

  • Vitamins
  • Secondary plant substances
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals:Quantity elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, ...)
  1. Trace elements (iron, iodine, copper, selenium, zinc, ...)

Goodbye cravings with sprouts

Every bite counts - for your health and vitality. It doesn't always have to be the healthiest superfood in the world, sometimes it is also good for your soul to nibble on something unhealthy. If you have a day like this, why not combine a handful of sprouts with your dish (also goes sweet). So you stay in your center and your body still gets enough nutrients. Your cravings will be much milder than without the portion of sprouts. When the body gets the ingredients it really craves, it is satisfied faster and the cravings go away. This is how conscious, joyful enjoyment begins.

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