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Detoxification is an important topic these days. Never before in history have humans come into contact with so many pollutants in their daily life as they do now. Hence, it is advisable to keep our bodies healthy with regular, gentle detoxification. You can find 3 tips for detoxing below .

Simply detox with sprouts: 3 tips

Here you will find our 3 basic tips that are super easy, tasty and can make a big difference in your well-being.

  1. Make sure that you eat food of organic quality as far as possible (less pollution). Our sprout seeds are all certified organic.

  1. Eat as many alkaline foods as possible. Your body can metabolize alkaline foods more easily. With acidic foods (especially meat, cow's milk products, sugar, gluten), your body has to do a lot of extra work to get back into balance. This takes strength, makes you tired, and promotes inflammation, the breeding ground for diseases. All sprouts have an alkaline effect, you will find some top contestants for optimal alkine effects.

  1. Eat processed foods as little as possible. It's about the energy and freshness of your food. Would you like to shine with the joy of life? Then give your cells this light energy in the form of chlorophyll from regenerating sprouts and fresh green leafy vegetables! The difference between “dead” fast food or overcooked food, and fresh, living sprouts and microgreens on your charisma and liveliness is enormous. Try it out now!

The magic formula

Gently helping your body detox on a regular basis is super easy. With sprouts, this is even more delicious.

If you implement the 3 tips from above (eat organic , alkaline  and fresh), and focus on the:

WHAT (fresh, organic food)

HOW (as raw as possible)

and WHEN,

in the right balance for you, you have very good prospects of a better well-being and in achieving or maintaining your dream weight, thus enjoying more joie de vivre.

You can achiece all of this with the help of the revitalizing energy of sprouts and the regular, gentle detox effect.

Create balance in everyday life

We are of the opinion that it is good for the majority of people not to detoxify too much too quickly (as with a radical cure), but to pay attention to the balance between pollutant absorption and detoxification in everyday life. In this way, you can also tolerate a possible cure much better.

In our modern lifestyle, we absorb pollutants almost “automatically” every day. These get into our body via polluted air, exhaust gases, coated packaging materials, cosmetics or conventionally grown food. We therefore recommend that you take care of a gentle detox in your daily life. In this way, large “garbage dumps” do not accumulate in the body, but, figuratively speaking, the garbage collection comes on a daily basis. As a result, fewer toxic substances accumulate and we are healthier overall, especially in the long term.

With this gentle detox method, we rely on natural aids from nature's pharmacy. Sprouts and seedlings are at the top of the list. Daily consumption of sprouts will activate the main detoxification organs such as the liver, skin and intestines. The sprouts not only bring you a plus in liveliness in the cells, but also help with cleaning . So the chances are good for a long time to stay healthy and fit into old age.


Fasting is one of the most popular methods to detoxify. You can get to know many variations from light alkaline fasting diets at home to "zero" fasting with green juices in health clinics. Each method has its advantages and a suitable target group. You can discuss which method suits you best with a doctor or medical practitioner, or even by yourself with a personal fasting guide. Sprouts in the form of salads, smoothies or as an addition to juices are definitely an ingenious fasting companion. Since they contain such concentrated nutrients in just a few grams of food, the stomach remains relatively empty (often a goal when fasting) and yet the body is naturally supplied with important minerals and trace elements. In this way, you avoid a low energy level and the tiredness that often occurs during a fasting period.

Don't believe us? Try it yourself!

Don't believe anything without first whitnessing the power of sprouts! So put it to the test now! Buy some sprout jars and organic sprout seeds from us and sprout your way to the top!

If you are not completely convinced, we look forward to your feedback and we will immediately refund 110% of the purchase price.

Holistic detoxing couldn't be easier. Sustainable for your health and the environment.

Start your active, radiant life now. It's worth it.

By Theresa Berles, naturwerker team

Naturopath for psychotherapy, trained in naturopathy

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