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Mucilage Builders

It's all very simple-- it's the ratio that matters!

We recommend that you always grow these sprouts in the Biosprosser Sprouting Jar together with a basic sprout such as alfalfa, red clover or rose clover. Given that a protective layer of mucilage coats these seeds while they soak, they need seed a "partner" in the jar to compensate for this. This ensures that the seeds do not stick together so that the sprouts are grown to be top-quality.

Following this ratio has proven to be highly successful:

2 - 2.5 tbsp. basic sprout + 1tsp (KL) mucilage-forming seeds (for Biosprosser 3100ml).

1.5 tablespoons of basic sprouts + 1 teaspoon (KL) of mucilage-forming seeds (for Biosprosser 1700ml).


You will find it works perfectly this way! Enjoy!

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