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Vitamin D


Vitamin D is not only important for maintaining a healthy physique, but also for calcium metabolism and thus for strong bones. In addition, vitamin D strengthens the immune system, intestines, nervous system, and muscle tissue.

Relatively high amounts of vitamin D are found in cress and fenugreek sprouts. A basis supply of vitamin D can be well covered by the sprouts, but the level of vitamin D in the blood should still be checked regularly.

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Vitamin D is called a "vitamin," but it is actually more of a hormone. It acts as a basis for many other hormones, which are synthesized from vitamin D.

The body can produce vitamin D itself when exposed to sunlight at an angle of more than 45°. In German-speaking countries, this is only the case in the summer months, which is why experts estimate that about 50% of people in Germany suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Seasonal depression is also associated in many cases with a vitamin D deficiency.

As you can see, vitamin D is an incredible vitamin and hormone and is involved in many different processes in the body. Make sure you have an adequate supply and possibly resort to supplements if needed (preferably in combination with vitamin K2).

We recommend that you have your vitamin D levels monitered by your doctor, especially during the winter months leading up to spring.

By Theresa Berles

alternative practitioner (psychotherapy), trained in naturopathy

Team naturwerker



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