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Our body needs calcium for blood clotting, for strong bones and teeth, for muscle contraction, and as a stimulator in enzyme reactions. If calcium levels are too low, this can lead to hormone imbalances, osteoporosis and muscle cramps, among other things.

Calcium absorption is increased by sprouts and when vitamin D or prebiotics are taken at the same time.


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Omega-3 fatty acids can minimize calcium absorption.
Coffee and black tea cause the kidneys to excrete more calcium.

Of course, balance is key here, too. By sprouting, you are already doing your body a lot of good and helping to better absorb calcium from sprouts and other foods such as green leafy vegetables, hazelnuts, almonds, cabbage or grains. So it's best to always add a handful of sprouts to your meal, this way you'll make sure that the valuable elements reach your cells.


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