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Buy organic seeds and grow fresh sprouts yourself

Do something good for your body and discover the green vitality of self-grown sprouts. For this purpose, in the online shop of sprossensamen.ch you can buy high-quality sprouting jars in stainless steel in a modern design as well as a variety of seeds with the best organic quality.

There is a good portion of energy in fresh sprouts that is sufficient for a small, inconspicuous seedling to grow into a strong plant. Full of valuable vital substances, secondary plant substances and enzymes, sprouts are a real treat for the body and should not be left out of any menu. With our sprouting jars, you have the opportunity to enjoy fresh sprouts all year round. So that you can start your own cultivation right away, you have the option of buying high quality seeds along with yout sprouting jars.

Why sprouts are so incredibly healthy

While the growth of picked vegetables and fruits stops immediately after picking, and the vitality is lost more and more, sprouts are in full growth-mode, even at the time of consumption. In them flows, so to speak, the uplifting and life-promoting energy that can only be found in food. According to the motto of the organic pioneer Hans Rusch: only life creates life. Make use of the green power of this superfood for more vitality and well-being!

Grow delicious sprouts yourself - with a sprouting jar from sprossensamen.ch

The advantage of our special sprouting jars compared to conventional sprout growing systems (e.g. sprout tower with floors) is obvious: Since the seeds in our Sprossenglas have enough space at all times and are carefully and completely washed and moved every day, the seedlings and thus the nutrients within them are able to develop optimally. You will not only taste this qualitative difference, but also feel it. In short: If you want to grow sprouts and you are looking for the best system for this, come visit our online shop, where you can always be certain that you are receiving high-quality seeds that contain fresh, concentrated plant power.

From alfalfa to psyllium seeds - do something good for your health!

If you want to take advantage of the power of these tiny green marvels, simply soak the sprouts of your choice overnight in the sprouting jar with water, pour the soaking liquid on it the next day and place the sprouting jar on the stainless steel stand. Sprouts like a bright place, but not direct sunlight. In only two to six days you will be able to enjoy a nice portion of healthy sprouts. The sprouts should be kept in a lockable storage box or food bowl with a lid and kitchen paper. Whether it's Alfalfa or radish, they can stay a week to ten days fresh in the refrigerator. Less suitable for growing sprouts, but just as beneficial for your health, are basil and Psyllium seeds, which are often used in muesli and desserts due to their gelling properties. Soaked overnight, they give breakfast a wonderful aroma and add an extra helping of digestive fiber to your bowl. They can also help relieve heartburn.

Mung bean and fenugreek seeds are not only healthy, but also delicious!

These tiny green power plants are not only beneficial to health, they are also real world champions when it comes to taste and protein-- and not just in salad. For example, top your rice dishes, soups, pasta, casseroles or your curry dishes with mung bean sprouts or sprouted fenugreek seeds - and let yourself be inspired by the lightness and freshness that the sprouts bring to every dish. The best part is that each individual sprout variety has its very own taste. Try out for yourself this variety of over 25 different seeds and discover your favorites!

Order the sprouting jar, basil seeds, alfalfa, broccoli sprouts, milk thistles and much more today!

If you want to take advantage of the green power of these small super plants, order alfalfa, onion, basil seeds and much more. Get one of our high-quality sprouting jars in which broccoli sprouts and more can thrive optimally and thus have an extremely high nutrient density. We at sprossensamen.ch have seen this for ourselves, so we are more than happy to make this promise to you:

If you are not completely convinced of our sprouting jars, we will refund 110 percent of the purchase price.

Would you like to learn more about how sprout cultivation works? Just ask us or click through our website. Among other things, you will find helpful tips, tricks and answers on this subject in our FAQs .

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