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Theresa Berles

Theresa Berles -

the top athlete and networker

Function: vision team, network, marketing, naturopathic art
Beata Schneider verpackt Ihre Samen

Beata Schneider - 

Rock-fan and brave heart

Function: Seeds and packaging

Our team of nature workers

Our motivation

Inspiriert von den Sprossen

Our energizing sprouts

are the perfect way for you

to contribute to a healthy world.

"Because only life

creates life "

Our story - How it all began ...


Our promise

We do our best to produce high quality products. If, despite all care, something is not satisfactory, please contact us to let us know. This gives us the chance to improve our products and find a solution together.
Marco & the naturwerker team

We offer solutions ...

Biosprosser Sprouting jars - Organic sprout seeds - Info - guarantee

What we offer you with our sprouts:

Health - Slimness - Naturalness - Taste - Liveliness


Doris Furlan Sprossensamen.ch

Doris Furlan -

the package woman

Function: nice packages and sending 
Natascha Schwitter - Team Naturwerker

Natascha Schwitter -

specialist in numbers

Function: Book keeping and numbers
Joscha der Spezialist für Pflanzen

Joscha Boner - 

self-sufficient visionary

Function: Vision-team, Exhibitions, Markets and lectures

Pictures from our everyday life

How we think and act ...

We do our best - we get better every day - we stay flexible, playful and goal-oriented - we use the best resources - our products support life and produce no waste - we learn from nature (the best teacher) - we love to feel good - we learn for a lifetime - make it okay to fall - we stay active so we can stay healthy.
Frische Sprossen geniessen

Do you follow a vegan

or vegetarian diet?

Then you have come to the right place.

Do you eat everything?

Then sprouts are just right for you too.

Because we all need freshness.

Our tip for you ...

Regi Stocker Team sprossensamen.ch

Regula Stocker


Function: packaging

Our offer for you ...

Marco Vonmoos -

the nature boy

Function: Managing Director, Agriculture
Biosprosser Keimgläser sprossensamen.ch

.... freshness and

liveliness on the

plate, in the body

and in the head.

Few things on earth

are so fresh, lively,

life-promoting and

regenerative like sprouts.

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On https://samensprossen.ch/ only deliveries for Switzerland and Liechtenstein are possible.
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